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11.6. 2021

Seasonal Artist Sanna Majander’s artwork exhibited in Halikko, Helsinki and Kouvola in Summer 2021

Artists O’s Seasonal Artist Summer 2021 Sanna Majander’s work can be seen this summer at the contemporary art group exhibition Tropic of a Glance at Wiurila Summer 2021 in Halikko (Salo), at the Asphalt Flowers solo exhibition at Gallery SEINÄ in Helsinki, and at the environmental art exhibition Meijerin metsä – The Dairy Forest – in Sippola (Kouvola).

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Textile and environmental artist Sanna Majander uses abandoned materials for making her art. Her newly revealed, commissioned artwork The Droplet Tree (Pisarapuu, 2021), for example, is built from hundreds of discarded plastic balls, which the artist has painted and assembled to create the installation. Ethical thinking, ecological values and a material-based expression are central in Majander’s ideology and she considers sustainability a given in her work ethics. Material can be a message in itself, but ecofriendliness does not overshadow the content and essence of Majanders art per se – even though (re)using existing materials and focusing on being ethical is characteristic for her artistic practice. 


The Tropic of a Glance (Katseen kääntöpiiri) is the group exhibition of Wiurila Contemporary’s eighth season. This exhibition at Wiurila Summer 2021 presents works of art that “reflect on the world situation that turned everyday life upside down”. In the artwork by the 32 artists in this exhibition, spread out over the Wiurila Manor gallery spaces and estate grounds, references to the silence, introspection and withdrawal of the past year can be discovered. Artists O’s Summer 2021 Seasonal Artist Sanna Majander has created two installations for the exhibition: The Escape Room (Pakohuone) and Days as Pearls (Päivät helminauhaa). The Escape Room is found in the old granary at the estate, and Days as Pearls is suspended from the age-old oak that grows in the former equestrian enclosure of the manor house.

The artists of the Tropic of a Glance exhibition are: Riikka Ahlfors, Soili Arha, Mikael Asikainen, Rasmus Förster, Anssi Hanhela, Mollu Heino, Zamuel Hube, Mari Isotalo, Alma Jantunen, Leena Juvonen, Keanne van de Kreeke, Tiina Laitanen, Samuel Lehikoinen, Maria Leppänen, Sanna Majander, Seppo Manninen, Tiina Marjeta, Jaana Mattsson, Tiina Nevalainen, Suvi Nurmi, Pirjo Nykänen, Matti Närekangas, Eljas Perheentupa, Johanna Pöykkö, Anna Reivilä, Seppo Renvall, Simo Rouhiainen, Outi Savolainen, Pertti Toikkanen, Hanna Varis, Jari Vesterinen and Tiina Wallius.

Wiurila Summer 2021 and the Tropic of a Glance art exhibition are open until 29 August in Halikko, Salo.



Sanna Majander's Days as Pearls in the old equestrian enclosure at Wiurila Manor.

The Tropic of a Glance group exhibition, Wiurila Summer 2021. Photo: Sanna Majander


The Dairy Forest (Meijerin metsä opened in the first weekend of June 2021. It is an environmental art exhibition, which Sanna Majander curates together with Tiiu Anttinen. The Dairy Forest is located adjacent to Gallery Antares in Sippola borough in Kouvola.  The Antares Cultural Society has also invited the following artists to participate in the exhibition in addition to Majander and Anttinen: Komugi Ando, Riikka Aresalo, Mervi Erkkilä, Satu Loukkola, Lasse Lassheikki, Maarit Malin-Pötry, Reijo Puranen, Nunnu Raatikainen and Teemu Salonen.

Majander’s own creation for this exhition is Meijerin metsäpuutarha – The Dairy Forest Garden, which is a community garden and allotment for all passers-by, residents, school-age children and exhibition visitors. Some of the artwork of The Dairy Forest will remain in situ, in order to keep bringing joy to visitors in the future as well. The Dairy Forest Garden is a transformative process, ever changing. You can follow The Dairy Forest Garden in the Facebook group Meijerin metsäpuutarha and on Instagram @meijerinmetsa. You can visit the exhibition in Kouvola’s Sippola until 29. August 2021 – and see some parts of it even later on as they grow and change.


Asphalt Flowers (Asfalttikukkia) is Sanna Majander’s solo exhibition currently at Gallery SEINÄ in Helsinki, the window gallery of the Union of Finnish Art Associations. Majander describes her artistic practice thus: “In creating the artwork for this exhibition at Gallery SEINÄ, I have produced a new way of making my art. The form that I’ve given these abandoned fabrics by sowing them into shapes is flexible, clumsy and human. These crafted and painted objects are sort of clusters and knots, and in the making of these objects I’ve worked with the material with a rough hand and an experimental touch. The feel and essence of the textile has had to give way in favour of expression." Asphalt Flowers is exhibited at Gallery SEINÄ until the end of June 2021.


Majander_Asfalttikukkia_II.jpg Majander_PISARAPUU_Kuusankosken_kirjasto_Kouvola_2021.jpg

Sanna Majander: Asfalttikukkia II, 2019                        Sanna Majander: Pisarapuu, 2021              


Sanna Majander: Asphalt Flowers II, 2019 and The Droplet Tree, 2021. Photos: Sanna Majander


The Droplet Tree (Pisarapuu) by Sanna Majander was revealed at the Kuusankoski Library in Kouvola in May 2021. It was commissioned by the Pohjois-Kymen Kasvu association, as part of the EU co-funded project Kaiku – osallisena Kouvolassa (“Echo – Participation in Kouvola”). Local volunteer organisations have collaborated with the project in creating a new kind of digital platform for volunteering, which they have named Vapaaehtoisuuden Puu – The Tree of Volunteering. The commissioned artwork The Droplet Tree is local Kouvola-based artist Sanna Majander’s interpretation of this new digital platform for volunteers. The Droplet Tree installation is now a permanent feature of the Kuusankoski Library.


SANNA MAJANDER in Summer 2021:


ASPHALT FLOWERS (Asfalttikukkia), Galleria SEINÄ 2.–30.6.

Mannerheimintie 19 B, 00250 Helsinki

The window gallery SEINÄ is open to the public 24/7.

Gallery SEINÄ on Facebook @galleriaseina and on Instagram @kuvataidejarjestot


THE DAIRY FOREST (Meijerin metsä) by Gallery Antares 6.6.–29.8.

Pien-Liikkalantie 6, 46710 Sippola (Kouvola)

The Dairy Forest is open to the public 24/7.

Gallery Antares is open in the Summer Season Tuesday to Sunday from 12 noon to 6 pm

The Dairy Forest Garden on Facebook @Meijerin metsäpuutarha 

The Dairy Forest on Instagram @meijerinmetsa 

Gallery Antares on Facebook @galleriaantares and on Instagram @taidekeskusantares


TROPIC OF GLANCE (Katseen kääntöpiiri) at Wiurila Summer 11.6.–29.8.

Wiurila Manor (Wiurilan kartano), Viurilantie 126, 24910 Halikko, Salo 

Open Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm

Closed for the Midsummer holiday 25.–27.6.2021 (scroll down for English)

Wiurilan Summer 2021​ on Facebook @wiurilankesa and on Instagram @wiurilankesa 


THE DROPLET TREE (Pisarapuu) is exhibited permanently at the Kuusankoski Library Kymeenlaaksonkatu 1, 45700, Kouvola. 


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Sanna Majander: The Dairy Forest Garden, 2021. Photo: Sanna Majander.


The Dairy Forest Garden

by Sanna Majander