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13th April 2013

Out and About

Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn 13.4.-9.6.2013

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Press release

Out and About exhibition features works by 6 artists: Saana Murtti (b.1974), Silja Puranen (b.1961), Tytti Korin (b.1974), Katja Kotikoski (b.1973), Leena Illukka (b.1962) and Laura Kärki (b.1978).

They all are members of Artists O which is an artist-initiated, nationwide association for artists working in the field of contemporary applied arts in Finland. It was founded in 2006 by a number of textile, ceramic and glass artists. Artists O is part of The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo.

These 6 artists have been chosen to represent Artists O on the basis of their artistic work. They are artists who through their critical and independent choices in different disciplines communicate the direction of contemporary applied art in Finland today. With their practices they demonstrate how a working process guided simultaneously by an intimate material knowledge and a strong conceptual focus can result in works that challenge and surprise us on both a mental and a sensuous level.

The title of the exhibition Out and About depicts not only being abroad but versatile contents of the artworks and the role of the contemporary applied artist who shuttle between different definitions and forms of arts.