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23rd September 2014

Oon kaupungissa

Iso Lasnamäe – kaupunkitaidetapahtuma Oon kaupungissa 2014,
Suur-Lasnamäe – linnakunstisündmus Olen linnas 2014,
Grand Lasnamäe – urban art festival I am in the city 2014

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Press release

Urban art event Grand Lasnamäe invites people to discover Estonian and Finnish art in Tallinn this autumn.

Artworks by Estonian and Finnish artists will be popping up in various locations of Estonia’s biggest Soviet-time suburban mass-housing district Lasnamäe in the autumn 2014. The event brings temporary site-specific artworks into the urban environment in order to create awareness of the urban environment and the actions taking place in the residents´ surroundings. Altogether there will be 11 artworks from different artists and artist groups.

The event offers new experiences for local dwellers in their everyday environment in Lasnamäe but also aims to surprise, delight and inspire the everyday life of the city dwellers. During the event, residents may stumble upon cement sofas in parks, light installations in courtyards and even end up in the middle of an urban ping-pong party. The curator of the event Kadri Klementi points out that according to the population statistics, if Lasnamäe would be a separate city it would be the second biggest city in Estonia. Like in every city there are many unique places that are often overlooked.

The event is organized by the Finnish artist-association Artists O and the Finnish Institute in Estonia together with Estonian partners. The event is a continuation of the I am in the city festival (Oon kaupungissa), which took place in Finland in Helsinki in 2011 and in Lahti in 2012. The previous editions of the event brought a variety of artworks (installations, performances and other projects) to the everyday surroundings of city dwellers and occupied streets and metro stations in different city districts.

The event will be opened on 24th September 2014 in Kumu Art Museum and the artworks will remain in Lasnamäe until November 2014.

Artists and artist groups

Katharina Elme, Elina Kask & Jaak Sova | Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet | Loreida Hein & Kard Männil | Soila Hänninen | Risto Kozer & Johanna-Brit Kozer | Tiia Matikainen | Hans-Otto Ojaste | Päivi Raivio & Robin Ellis | Sonja Salomäki & Venla Martikainen | Aili Vahtrapuu | Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen & Tiina Pehkonen & Mari Salovaara & Ingrid Amarouche

Hans-Otto Ojaste: City of painted remains. Photo Reetta Tolonen, Finnish Institute in Estonia


The Finnish artist-association Artists O and the Finnish Institute in Estonia

Curators Architect Kadri Klementi (Estonia) and artist Kaisu Koivisto (Finland).

Partners Estonian Association of Designers (EAD), Design Night festival, Kumu Art Museum, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Cultural center Lindakivi, the Urban Lab and Eckerö Line


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